We are glad to announce that SADECO has participated with FAUDI’s JIG field trials in Saudi Arabia  

SADECO is the Exclusive agent of FAUDI AVIATION GmbH on the Middle East & Africa.

FAUDI Aviation is pleased to start with the JIG Field Trials – developed and validated by JIG, A4A and IATA – for replacement technology of filter monitors. FAUDI Aviation is working very closely with the industry to perform these trials with suitable equipment for into-aircraft fuelling at locations world-wide, under a broad range of operating and environmental conditions. The qualified EI 1598 water sensor AFGUARD® will be installed both upstream and downstream of all filters under field trial.

FAUDI Aviation has successfully completed the EI Robustness Testing of the 2″ and 6″ Dirt Defence Filter (DDO) in conjunction with AFGUARD® and confirmed suitable for JIG Field Trials. Qualification testing against specification EI 1599 for 2″ DDO was conducted at the end of 2017 and the 6″ early 2018.

How tight is the time line for the phase-out process for filter monitors? According to industry statements by JIG and EI, deadline for phase-out of filter monitors is end of 2020 at the latest. Eliminate uncertanties by installing AFGUARD® today and be free to choose from the alternative filtration technologies as they become qualified and endorsed by JIG following field trial.

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