Depot Facility Equipment

Tanks and pipework at storage installations shall be designed and maintained to preserve the integrity of the product. 

SADECO will help to ensure the fueling services and delivery systems at your Airport meet the stringent requirements of the latest Industry and Regulatory Guidelines. We are keenly aware of the logistical and fuel infrastructure challenges facing airport authorities these days and can assist proactively ensuring all fueling agents and Suppliers are operating in accordance with these requirements.


Depot Complete Range Include: 


  • Positive displacement bulk meters with mechanical readouts, rate of flow indicators, preset displays and valves.
  • Master meters.
  • Control Valves.
  • API/IP1581 approved filter water separator vessels and replacement elements.
  • API/IP1590 approved microfilter vessels and replacement elements.
  • Clay filter vessels and replacement cartridges.
  • Industrial filter elements, band filters and precoat filters.
  • Electronic water monitoring systems.
  • Electronic filter differential pressure monitoring and control systems.
  • Tank floating suction assemblies.
  • Aljac closed sampling jars for the visual examination of aviation fuel and general hydrocarbon fuel samples. 
  • Turbine and positive displacement driven additive injection units. 
  • Additive injection system commissioning and staff training.
  • Wired deadman control systems for aviation tanker loading and offloading.
  • Flexible pipework connections. 
  • Hose end fittings and reducers. 
  • Threaded ball valves in Stainless Steel, Bronze and Carbon Steel. 
  • L port threaded ball valves in Stainless Steel and Bronze. 
  • Deadman spring return handles, locking handles, electric and pneumatic actuators. 
  • Ball cone and soft seat threaded non return valves in Stainless Steel and Bronze. 
  • Aluminium ball valves which can be TW or ASA flanged, or BSP male or female threaded.
  • Complete bottom loading systems for petroleum tankers and aviation refuelling vehicles. 
  • Sandwich pattern non return valves in Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel. 
  • Sandwich pattern butterfly valves, in Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. 
  • Basket strainers in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. 
  • Composite wire reinforced hoses for tanker and rail car loading and offloading. 
  • Sight flow indicators for use in pipework systems.  Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, flanged or threaded. 
  • Kamlok couplings in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass. 
  • Threaded BSP hose couplings, dust\drip caps and connectors in Aluminium, Gunmetal and Stainless Steel. 
  • Pressure gauges manufactured from Stainless Steel, dry or Glycerine filled.
  • De-aerator vessels and high capacity air release heads.
  • Fuel test rigs. 
  • Master meter trailers.







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