We are here to assist you reduce service emergencies, keep your equipment running at peak performance

We are service professionals! As licensed suppliers and specialists in the field of aviation refueling, we have the tools, the equipment, and the experience to keep your equipment running smoothly all year long. In SADECO, it is important that customers have one key contact point that is responsible for all the coordination of all the service provided, resulting our experience and knowledge from aviation refuel equipment supplier to a more structured and effective process of developing and lifecycle refueling systems.
The philosophy is that it is necessary to be ‘right first time’, ensuring that no defective systems are in use and that no defective units are made or inadequate services delivered, we would be happy to discuss any requirement that you may have, please contact our Sales Department at info@sadecoav.com 

Your investment in our service includes:

Preventive Maintenance Services:

Efficient and reliable aviation fuelling facilities are an essential component of airport operations, Since your equipment and fueling systems is used 24 hours a day, year round, it requires service as it operates.
The SADECO Preventative plan includes manufacturer (Eaton’s Carter®, ELAFLEX) preventative maintenance and a visual inspection of the underwing refueling nozzles, hydrant intake couplings, off-loading points coupling, hydrant pit valves and overwing nozzles.
We offer spare parts inventory management simplifies maintenance planning, prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will:

  • Provide longer lasting equipment
  • Reduce incidence of repetitive injury
  • Reduce repairs
  • Provide a more comfortable operation environment
  • Protect your investment

Upgrade & Replacement Services:

SADECO will work with you to identify the best solution for an equipment upgrade and replacement for your existing system, continuing Operation of Equipment ensure that all fuel quality control and into-plane fuelling facilities meet Industry and Company standards.

Choose SADECO Service for your next equipment upgrade or replacement. We provide:

  • Equipment Recovery Plans.
  • Existing equipment upgrade or modification requirements.
  • Help to select equipment that meets your company standards.
  • A convenient way to pay for your replacement or upgrades through our flexible financing options.

When to upgrade…When to replace
An important aspect of our consultation service is to understand your needs, and make a recommendation that helps you reach your goals. A decision to replace or upgrade depends on your installed equipment situation, and your performance goals.

System Upgrades

Does your installed refueling equipment still meet day-to-day refueling requirements, but also have industry improvement?
If so, it may be the ideal candidate for an upgrade. Existing refueling equipment can often be upgraded with the latest industry requirements, advanced refueling management strategies, and additional control options to help you achieve superior system performance.

System Replacements

A system replacement may be the best way to ensure long-term, reliable performance, and to allow your equipment to take advantage of sustainable, state-of-the-industry technologies/standards like Neon Hoses night-glow colors, automated filter control sensors, ergonomic system operations.
Installing an advanced equipment control solution can decrease the cost of ownership, reduce maintenance, lifecycle and operation costs, and often provide a better operation than a system upgrade. Our replacement specialists will work to help you meet operational and financial objectives.

Calibration & Certified Services:

Correct calibration and operation of the system are critically important to ensure protection of personnel and property. Enables you to avoid errors and missed measurements by ensuring the highest degree of measurement precision thus empowering you to maintain better control of your processes and provide you with the tools to make the right decisions.

SADECO understands the importance of accurate pressure and measurement calibration and its direct relation to safety, efficiency; quality and compliance so our experienced technicians will work closely with you to get the job completed to the required specifications or standards and can perform our calibrations either in-house or on-site. 

Regular calibration lets you:

Regular calibration lets you:

  • Assure consistent quality of your production output
  • Lower operating cost due to enhanced reliability
  • Gain optimal access to international markets
  • Establish a quality system
  • Address quality audit and reviews
  • Maintain quality of specifications
  • Meet production control criteria
  • Measure inspection and testing results
  • Establish calibration traceability

Calibration’ means that the test results from a measuring device (or source) of unknown accuracy, are compared with a device whose accuracy is known. This device is universally accepted as a ‘reference’. Calibrations are traceable to the International System provides you with the key aspect of ISO 9000 registration.

Accredited Calibration Services:

This calibration is done under the guidelines of a ILAC international Laboratory and EGAC Egyptian Accreditation Council to the ISO 17025:2005 standard and will be delivered with documentation according to the accrediting body. 

Calibration Menu
  • Thermometers,
  • Hydrometers,
  • Safety Relief Valves,
  • Meter calibration,
  • Critical gauge testing and calibration,
  • Torque Wrench,
  • Conductivity Meters.

Technical Support & Trouble – shooting Services:

Maintained facility performance results in maintained profit. At SADECO, our talented team of field-service engineers and critical support staff provide a range of services/products from thorough visits and equipment testing, 24/7 customer support, and emergency response.
The provision of technical support service to enhance or maintain the value of the product, controlling any future change s in equipment standards.

Giving Support On:
  • Helping you to evaluate your existing system against your needs and goals, then propose a product/service solution to meet your objectives.
  • Implementing an equipment approval process, ensuring equipment is compatible with aviation fuels.
  • Regular visits to ensure those concerning the design and use of equipment – this is particularly important as a means of minimizing the incidence of repetitive strain injury.
  • The results of the inspection of samples are compared with the results expected from a stable situation, If they do not agree, then action may be necessary.
What we can do for you:
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Planning
  • Installation Instructions
  • Implementation & Testing
  • Complete Procurement Services
  • Providing solutions to technical challenges.
Your investment in our service include?
  • Two Performance Tune-Ups per Year. 
  • Free 24 Hour Priority Service, 365 Days/YR.
  • Special discounts on Replacement Parts.
  • A large inventory ensures that materials are ready to meet the fastest delivery requirements.
  • Facility upgrade – feasibility assessment, defining the needs based on discussion with the facility manager.

Filtration Services:

DE-Rating a Filtration System:

Filter Monitors:

A filter monitor should be operated as closely as possible to its rated flow. Where it is necessary to reduce the number of vessel elements for compliance with maximum rated flow, elements can be removed from a vessel and replaced with blank or dummy elements.

Blank dummy elements should only be manufactured from materials that are compatible with aviation fuel, tested in accordance with EI 1586 7th edition.

Filter Water Separators:

It is recommended that filter vessel is operated in accordance with manufacture minimum flow rates, where it is operating a vessel at less than 30% rated flow, the risk of establishing microbiological activity has been increased due to free water not being released from filter/coalescer elements.

The decision to de-rate a FWS may be driven by operational to meet void volume requirements for EI 1582 similarity compliance or financial consideration.

Blind/caps should only be manufactured from materials that are compatible with aviation fuel, tested in accordance with EI 1581 6th edition.

Filter Water Separator Conversation:

Filter Water Separator Similarity:

Filter/water separator qualified to EI1581. The similarity of filter/water separators is the qualifying the dirt/water removal performance of an FWS to EI1581 by using a calculation methodology rather than laboratory testing.

SADECO can provide your fuel farm facility with EI1582 documents as the declaration of continued compliance with EI1581 6th edition. If you wish to replace the elements in a vessel with another model/type manufacture, this ensures that the maximum qualified flow rate through the elements within the vessel is not exceeded.

  • The range of flow rates for which similarity is valid is 0 – 9500 lpm
  • Existing vessels qualified to previous editions (1st – 3rd – 5th ) of EI1581 with flow rates greater than 9500 l/pm but no more than 19000lpm may be qualified by meeting similarity criteria with vessels full-scale testing is at 9500 l/pm.
Filter Water Separator vessels for use with microfilter elements:

Many filter/water separators are used in fuel receipt applications where the risk of contamination by water is minimal but particulate matter loading may be high. It is possible for a FWS to be converted to microfilter by any of three schemes.

It is requirement of EI 1596 2nd edition, and considered good practice for FWS vessels that have been converted for use as microfilter systems to be fitted with a third data plate.

    We would be happy to discuss any requirement that you may have. Please contact our sales department at info@sadecoav.com


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