Certified Test Instrument and Equipment

The frequency of the calibration shall be documented for each instrument requiring calibration. Equipment should be labelled with the status, as well as the dates, of last and next calibrations.

Our Calibration/tasting services are up to 30,000 psi, ILAC accredited certificate oversees accepted according to the international standards (DKD, API, ISO) for permanent and on-site services.

SADECO can provide a full range of Certified Equipment to clients with the aim of ensuring that their operation is safe and fit-for-purpose.

Certified Test Instrument and Equipment Complete Range Include:

  • Hydrometers are all in accordance with BS718:1991
  • Thermometers are all in accordance with IP 64C/ASTM12C
  • Emcee fuel conductivity meters certified standard ASTM D2624
  • Fuel contamination test kits
  • Filter Membrane testing consumables including colorimetric and gravimetric capsules the standard tests for determining the level of dirt/particulate contamination are ASTM2276/IP216 and D3830
  • Certified Prover tank or Master meter offers high accuracy according to API manual of petroleum measurement standards
  • PRV calibration certificate
  • Pressure gauges calibration certificate  
  • Torque wrench 







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