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FAUDI Aviation is specialized in the field of aviation fuel filtration, using the most modern technologies for the research, testing and manufacturing of our products. We operate world wide with one focus: “We want you to feel safe in the air!” FAUDI Aviation recently celebrated 70 years of experience and superior quality.

 SADECO offers a wide range of Filtration to remove particulate matter and free water  ensuring that their operation is safe and fit-for-purpose.


Clean Fuel Complete Range Include:

  • API/IP1581 approved filter water separator vessels and replacement elements.
  • API/IP1590 approved microfilter vessels and replacement elements.
  • API/IP1583 approved water absorbing monitor vessels and replacement elements.
  • Clay filter vessels and replacement cartridges.
  • Industrial filter elements, band filters and precoat filters.
  • Electronic water monitoring systems.
  • Electronic filter differential pressure monitoring and control systems.
  • Latest approved sensor technology by FAUDI (AFGUARD® – DPGUARD® – SLUGGUARD® – DRANGUARID® – Sump)








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