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In guaranteeing the right quality and procedures of product for our customers, SADECO pays a great attention to providing customers a set of refueling controls including:


Ground Fueling

Eaton’s Carter® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of ground refueling products for both commercial and military aircraft which are designed to meet the latest SAE AS5877 Aerospace Standard requirements.  These nozzles are available with a variety of optional accessories which can be combined to meet the refueling operator’s needs.

Eaton’s Carter® product line includes. 

Bottom Loading Systems

Eaton’s Carter bottom loading system components include bayonet style adapters, API style adapters, internal bottom loading valves, tank vent valves and jet level sensors

Hydrant Couplers

Eaton’s Carter hydrant couplers include air, fuel, and digitally operated 3-inch and 4-inch models.

Nozzles and Related Accessories

Eaton’s Carter product line offers a variety of refueling nozzles for both commercial and military aircraft which are designed to meet the latest SAE AS5877 requirements.

Tools, Gauges and Sensors

Eaton’s Carter product line offers a variety of equipment and tools to monitor, maintain, and repair various types of ground fueling equipment. Innovative designs such as our water detection sensor help reduce the risk of water contamination in a fuel supply.

Breakaway Couplings

Eaton’s Carter products offers a line of emergency breakaway couplings to meet the requirements of the commercial and military refueling industry.

Hydrant Pit Valves

Eaton’s Carter product line of hydrant pit valve styles are designed in accordance with API Bulletin 1584, third edition compliant.

Pressure Control Systems

Eaton’s Carter product line offers a variety of conventional pressure control valves, as well as an innovative digital pressure control system designed to meet the needs of the commercial and military refueling industry.

Inline and Pump Bypass Valves

Eaton’s Carter product line includes a variety of inline and bypass control valves Air, Fuel or Digital operated.  

Unisex Couplings

Eaton’s Carter product line of unisex couplings are available in 2-inch valved and non-valved styles, as well as 3-inch valved.

Alfons Haar Aviation Refuelling

With Alfons Haar equipment you can build an aviation refuelling system to suit almost any application: from simple mechanically controlled hydrant carts and refuellers with electronics and hydraulics eliminated; to electronically controlled metering and logic systems on a fully integrated bus system.

Alfons Haar refuelling components include: Hosereels, refuelling logic control systems, additive injection, venturis, pressure control systems, control valves, strainers, pumps and metering equipment and much more.

Delta Deadman Control System

The Electric Deadman Handswitch, has been designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of mobile and fixed aircraft refuelling systems. The handswitch is of rugged and extremely lightweight Polypropylene construction and the design concept has proved to be the industry standard to refuelling personnel in locations worldwide. The Electric Deadman Handswitch is a safety device that ensures that the operator has to hold the operating switch at all times to allow fuel flow to occur. Should the operating switch be released, the flow will stop.
The electrical deadman valves is intrinsically safe, the body of the handswitch is fully sealed against water, fuel, dirt or dust with enclosure protection IP67 standard. The flow would normally be rapidly terminated by use of the deadman handle to shut the valve by releasing the handswitch, while simply holding the handswitch allows the operation to commence and continue.

Elaflex Hoses and Overwing Nozzles

We offer aviation refuelling hoses which approved by all the major fuel suppliers.
We can supply finished hoses cut to length, fitted with approved end connections, pressure tested on Jet A1 if required and with fully traceable certificate of conformity, expansion joints and overawing refuelling nozzles.







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